Corporate Office [Governmental or/an Private]
Office space planning arrangement for commercial, financial, professional, Industrial and Lab scientific work environments.

Retails Space
A wide range of retail outlets for products services etc.

Space planning and design planning for Hotels ranging from *two star up to *five star hotels with optimizations and utilization of design factor from technical to commercial.

F&B and Entertainment
Space and design planning for leisure centers, theme parks, sports and fitness facilities, spas, clubs, cinemas and auditoriums.

Financial Institution
Space planning, design input, and corporate image design for Bank and related field.

Educational and Health Institution
Space planning and design arrangements ranging from School Education to University Professional education level.


Conceptual design for master planning and architecture
Ranging from Commercial, industrial and residential (upon client’s request) for concept master planning designated for marketing, advertisements and commercial purpose.

Architecture concept design
Architectural concept design for ideas and collaboration with architects for finalization of development.


High-Resolution architecture rendering image
High-Resolution image printing for architecture, interior and product related to 3D imaging.

Animation fly-through or walk-through
A Hyper-realistic animation for either walk through or fly through named from master planning, architecture, interior and marketing purpose.

Architecture and other printed media
Printed corporate images, posters, brandings and others related to printed media type.

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