AG Reka Sdn Bhd is a multidisciplinary design company specializing in Conceptual design for master planning, architecture and complete service for Interior Design and architecture multimedia works, AG Reka Sdn Bhd driven by the pursuit of quality - a belief that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or the public spaces in between. We have assembled a highly professional and experienced team, offering not only integrated interior design services but also conceptual master planning and architecture also architecture multimedia advertising services to meet the needs of the vibrant and dynamic corporate and leisure client sectors.

Good design facilitates function. At AG Reka, this translates to a respect for the integrity of the Architectural building and innovative approach to the use of space. Every interior was carefully craft, ensuring an accurate interfacing between state-of-the art design and technical facets of the project.

The companies were known’s for its careful, precise use of material that heightens their intrinsic value. Detail planning and documentation result in a smooth implementation and cost effective design solutions. With the support of professional skill and hi-end super computer to ensure the quality achieved the standard and client expectation, from post-production preparation our quality services will continue until final product to ensure it meet our clients satisfaction.

Extensive experience has put AG Reka in strong position to handle a wide range of client requirements, from schematic design and execution of commercial projects to institutional and recreational facilities.

In AG Reka, begin each project with a careful assessment of client's needs and requirements. These then translated into design and layout suggestion that reflect thoughtful balance between a functional and practical use of workflow with almost Hyper realistic of visualization for client viewing.

Our comprehensive range of design services was support by advance computer capabilities that ensure effiency and cost effectiveness for our clients. Extensive experience has put AG Reka as a leading company handling a wide range of projects meeting client requirements from planning, conceptual design, 2D and 3D visual presentation and execution of commercial interiors to institutional and recreational facilities.

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